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Our Approach

The Foundation believes that the primary hurdle or bottleneck which restrains the growth of the bamboo sector in India at present is the absence of an ‘ecosystem’ for the sector. Raw material (bamboo) is available, skilled artisans and other technical people are available, there is also an existing or latent demand for bamboo products. However, the linkages like organised market for farm bamboo, appropriate tools and technologies, linking markets to producers – in short a ‘supply chain’ is yet to take shape, or at best at a nascent stage.

The Foundation is accordingly addressing this supply chain  issue by ‘connecting the dots’, that is identifying the ‘gaps’ in the sector and taking steps to fill it up by suitable, imaginative  interventions. Our work is mostly in the shape of pilots, so that, if successful, others can take it forward.

Example of our pilot projects :

  •     Bamboo farmers in hilly parts of Pune district are selling bamboo without any value addition. A  treatment plant is being given to them as a common facility, to see if by selling treated bamboo they can augment their income.
  •     Farmers growing small quantities in field bunds, backyard etc are not able to great a fair price for their bamboo as there is no organised market for bamboo at local level  . The Foundation has taken steps to create organised bamboo markets in weekly bazaar  locations . This  will  incentivise  farmers to  take up bamboo cultivation in small quantities in field bunds etc.

The Foundation also believes in working in partnership with other organisations like farmer groups, SHGs, cooperatives, corporates, entrepreneurs,  research and academic institutions and the like. It believes its role must be role of a catalyst, to solve the problems faced by those in bamboo sector.

The Foundation also is specially oriented   towards  small entrepreneurs, farmer groups, traditional artisans, SC/ST communities and in villages and small towns.

The Foundations is also giving special thrust and attention on product design and market linkages, cost effective treatment methods, tools , jigs fixtures and new and innovative uses and markets for bamboo.

The Foundation has  consciously chosen to be a lean mean organisation with limited staff. It will like to work as a knowledge and technical partner , and help others in the sector to grow and flourish.